The Original Shield

I went into a toy store just to look around and someone must have returned this figure. I was thrilled. It was one of the Batmen I was originally using. So I snatched him up and looking at my list, next up was The Original Shield.

Take off all the crap and fill in the traps and belt area with Sculpey. Then roll out some more clay and shape the gauntlets and boots. There’s no detail to cut here like the first Shield figure, so that makes things nice and neat.

I shaped the ear covers then I molded the hair myself, and it came out better than expected.

I made sure to paint the red and white design before adding the chest shield, looks more uniform this way. Now comes the really cool part. The chest shield came out great. I rolled out the Sculpey and cut it as one piece. I slipped it over his head and then added the collar around the neck.

Last I painted the figure and then added the star stickers, silver in color, just like all the other Shields.


Elizabeth said...

Honey! I love it.

Elizabeth said...

Ooh. Eyes Only...sounds mysterious. We should talk. I bet we could find all sorts of trouble to get into.