The Shield

One spare Batman left… until I went out scrambling for more.

At this point I decided the !mpact Comics were such a huge part of my childhood, I wanted to make as many figures as I could. I even began finding the issues on eBay. What a nostalgic time that was.

Okay, this figure was a tough one. Like before a Batman was used and all the unnecessary attachments should be removed, see previous posts on what those are.

This time keep the head off until the body is finished. Using Bat’s mask as a guide, lump on some Sculpey and shape it best you can to give you figure some hair. Then flatten out two tiny clay balls for his ear coverings and BAM! The head is done.

Moving on to the body, fill in the belt hole. Once this is done take a deep breath. The gauntlets are rolled out clay and sized, put them on and do the same with the boots. Cut the design in the boots as best you can. I did it after the boots were attached, but you can do it before. It’s up to you to decide what’s easier for you and what YOU think will look better in the end. Now that this is done, stop… Go do something else. The next part, for me, was frustrating.

The Shield's chest plate was tough. I still haven’t found an easier way to do it. I’ve done at least six figures that require a chest plate and I think I’ve done them all differently. Here’s how I did this one:

First I tried rolling out the whole shield, shaping it and cutting a hole for the head. This worked okay but not great. For this figure I rolled out, shaped the shield, but instead I cut it in half and attached it in two pieces, connected it and then put the collar on afterward.

For painting I gave the figure a white base coat and painted it all red. Then I did my best to recreate the costume design. The silver stars on the front (and three more on the back) are stickers with clear puzzle glue to keep them flat.

And now out to the store to hunt down the discontinued Batman figures that work so well.

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