The Fly

This was the figure that started my !mpact phase of customizing. At first he was an experiment to see if my wife’s heat gun would be a safer method of baking the Sculpey I use (in retrospect, I don’t recommend this brand. It looks great at the start but over time it begins to crack badly). I looked around for a left over figure that I didn’t mind getting ruined, found one: a Batman. As you’ll see in the posts to come, I really like this particular line of Batman figures. Remove the rubber belt, shave off the spikes and ears and you have a fairly plain figure to work with. Next I decided on a figure that I’ve always wanted to do and never have. My favorite character from this particular comic line: The Fly. Looking back, he was a good choice for this little trial run. With the simple features of the base figure there was little molding to do, but enough to perform a decent test. With all that decided, let the customizing begin…

First I started with a basic Batman figure. I removed the rubber belt and cowl. I had to pop off the head in order to do this. I then shaved off the bat ears and the spikes on the forearms. Figure prep was done. I thought that working my way from the inside out would be best so I first molded the three sided amulet on the chest. Followed by filling in his waist where the belt used to be. Rather than Dremel down the tops of Bat’s boots I build over them, the bigger calves look more like the comic character, to me at least. I sculpted the big round eyes while the head was detached. This was easier for me. I gave them a dab of superglue just in case. Next was the more tricky part. When you remove the rubber piece that held the cape you remove the figures neck as well. So I rebuild the traps and neck and attached the head. For future reference when using this figure you can remove the cape holder, cut it away from the neck and replace the neck, leaving only the traps to rebuild. On the back of the figure I formed a piece to hold in the wings (made from markers and the clear plastic from the figure’s package) Again I put a little superglue to hold them in place after drying. At this point you can bake you figure dry, or use a heat gun, hell a blow dryer might work for all I know. The figure was a pretty simple paint. I first painted him white as a base color. I used most of the figures natural features to apply the blue and yellow. And there ya have it, The Fly

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