Since Fireball was first seen in The Fly, I went with him next. A very easy figure to make but I’m not completely pleased with how he turned out. I was getting desperate for materials at this point and I think it starts to show with this custom.

I used the same Batman figure as the Black Hood; so I had to remove the usual items as well as the webbed fingers and those damn feet. This is the first time I used a different head, it belonged to Gambit I think. And the cape was from some DC Total Justice figure if I remember correctly.

Fireball doesn’t really wear boots so I had to keep the legs slimmer, you can see where I sanded down Bats old boots

Once I gave him new feet and a new head; I made the chest plate and did my best to attach it to his mask and the cape. For his symbol I drew it out on paper first and attached it with clear puzzle glue and then painted it. The saved me from having to actually paint it on and chance screwing it up.

I gave him a few coats of off white (not pure white) and orange. And that was that.

Now… What would I have done differently? Don’t get me started on using the right kind of Batman figure. I would have used a different cape, longer. He would probably have a different head. Something that had a more youthful look to it. I would have also worked a little harder on the mask, making it look more like the cover image.

Aside from these few things… Fireball was done. Five down… a hell of a lot more to go.

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