Dr. Karen “Buster” Thomas, Agent of W.E.B.

Okay, since there are a lot of W.E.B. agents I had to decide which one to do first. Eventually, with time and money, I would like to do them all, or at least most of them. In the final issue of The Crusaders all the heroes were transported to another planet. The agent that got trapped there with them was Buster, so I went with her.

It’s tough to find a female figure that sizes up with the Batman and Superman figures I was using for my !mpact project. I ended up using a She Dragon figure from the Savage Dragon/TMNT toy line. The hair, cut down a bit, came from some random X-Men Storm figure. The only cutting I had to do to the figure was the Mohawk and a little on the boots.

I used Sculpey to smooth out the ridges on her torso, and made a little W.E.B. symbol on her chest. I built up the boots a bit and added the kneepads. Next was the belt with a few pouches, and the flaps on the front and back. After that, I cut out and shaped the shoulder pads then attached them.

During the painting I used white to give the suit some detail, otherwise it would look too plain. The green and black web pattern was just random lines drawn. I gave her a more natural skin tone, rather than the green skin of She Dragon.

Her visor is removable, as shown above. It’s just clear plastic, cut, folded and painted green.

As a side note, make sure she stands right before you add the belt and flaps; hip joints are hard to move once Sculpey dries.

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