Remember, earlier I said something about getting desperate for materials? This is the proof. I was out of Batmen, I hadn’t discovered the Superman figures yet, I didn’t get paid for another week. So I went rummaging. I found a headless Robin figure, coincidently from the same Batman line I have been using. I then scraped up a TJ Superboy head and a TJ Superman cape.

I sanded down the pouches on the shoulders and gloves. I used Sculpey to make the boot flaps, chest plate and the folded collar, attached to the cape. I sanded down the sides of Superboy’s head a bit and glued on the Sculpey ear covers.

The stars on Dusty’s chest were painted on rather than the stickers I used for the other Shield characters. They were too big and didn’t look right. The rest was just a matter or red, white, and blue.

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