The Comet

After The Fly turned out so well I decided to move on to my number two guy from !mpact Comics, The Comet. I wanted to make his to scale with The Fly, lucky I had two more Batmen from the same series. As before, I removed all the unnecessary parts: belt, glove spikes, cape and cowl. This time I replaced the head right away and build the traps and neck first. Then I filled in the missing piece of his waist where the belt was, as with all batmen figures from this line. I didn’t sand down the boots for this figure either, couldn’t tell you why. I rolled out some Sculpey for the wrist bands and once all the small stuff was done all I had to do was the head. For this I dug up as many pictures I could; back view, front view, and most importantly the side view. I wanted it to be as accurate as my abilities allowed me to be. Basically I just lumped some clay on his head, shaped and smoothed it out until I was more or less satisfied. Making sure to mold the chin guard and visor as close to the comics as possible. I used the heat gun to set the Sculpey, very handy tool if you’ve never tried it, but you can use what ever method you feel comfortable using. I’ve had too many custom figures fall victim to my oven for me to trust it again. The paint job was fairly simple, only three colors (two of them fairly dark) to use and the costume pattern wasn’t a hard one to copy. I didn’t use a base coat of white for this figure, his colors were dark enough, and I didn’t think it would make a difference. One more !mpact hero down… A hell of a lot more to go.

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