Here’s another desperate attempt to get me through to payday. I’m actually happy with this figure. I used the head, torso, and legs of a WildC.A.T.s Zealot figure, the hair came from Voodoo of the same toy line. I wanted very muscular arms so I dug up some spare Martian Man Hunter limbs. I was afraid they might be too huge but when she was done I was pleased.

The Zealot body needed a lot of sanding and when I was done there was a lot of filling in and rebuilding to do, especially on HER left leg. I also had to scalp Zealot in order to fit the hair on.

The only molding that I did to this figure was the belt, and I attached the belt straps with superglue. Don’t ask where the belt straps came from, I have no idea.

Compared to the men in the series she should be a little taller or at the very least the same height, but she’s not. Just one more reason I wanted to have her arms muscular.

I think the reason this figure didn’t suck was the paint job. It’s an easy costume design, but the jaguar print came out nicely.


Elizabeth said...

Not one of my faves, but you did a great job.

Shad said...

Very nice. Jaguar was the best part of the Impact line, and the muscular arms look good on her...