Finally! A different base figure! Grab yourself a Superman and let’s get started. And there’s good news… I just saved a bunch of money be switching my… Wait, no… I figured out how to do a popped collar.

I gotta say, when this version of Blackjack came out I loved him. He was so cool. Now he’s just okay and I try to remember why I liked his costume so much. I guess taste changes with age, this was almost fifteen years ago mind you.

Okay, with the Superman figure all you have to do is pull, tear, or cut off the cape and fill in the slots on his traps.

The head was simple, sand down the sides and back of the head where the mask would be, careful not to harm the ears since they stick out on the mask, mold over Kent’s face and make a couple indents for his eyes.

For Blackjack I sanded down the belt and started work on the arms. He may be a buff guy, but rather than show off like most heroes he chooses to wear a puffy, girly shirt to hide his muscles. I just lined his arms with Sculpey and then molded the tops of the gloves.

Next I did the shoulder points, just two separate pieces molded to fit. After that I did the collar. It was easier than it should have been. I rolled out some clay, cut it, formed a half cone and simply attached it.

I moved on to the boots and built the tops up a bit, and for the spades on his knees I rolled out a thin layer of Sculpey and cut them out individually, and gave them a dab of glue to hold them in place while I dried the clay.

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Elizabeth said...

Puffy girly shirt, huh? You are a master with words.